Energy matters everywhere

Earth Energy Services has vast knowledge and experience bringing energy projects worldwide.

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Demand is growing worldwide

Waste to Energy, Desalination, Geothermal, Fuel Cell, Solar, including District Energy Facilities. From planning, engineering, installations and commissioning.

Fuel cell solutions benefit additional biomass markets such as breweries, biomass plants and landfills by producing baseload renewable power, eliminating pollutants produced by conventional large and small combined heat and power plants.

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Do you follow or do you lead?

It’s time to take the lead. Let us help in finding the best choices available because energy matters.

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Abundant Energy

When it comes to energy, choices made today are long term, some choices can be the wrong path when it comes to fulfilling long term energy demand. This beautiful planet we call Earth has given us many options.

Most countries/cities follow the fast, efficient fossil fuel path only. They race to build more and more facilities to keep up with more and more demand. In the end they end up with polluted air, ground and surface water, all on top of being an eyesore.

What if there are better ways? A better long term strategy.




Next Steps...

For every adversity there is a seed of equivalent or greater benefit.

This truism applies also to energy, while you can’t go back you can alter choices going forward leading to better future outcomes.

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