Responsible Energy

We are at a crossroad today with energy. The type of energy we produce and use, our understanding of future needs.

In many parts of the world energy is taken for granted, you get a monthly bill, pay it and forget it. In other parts daily energy use and affordability is a struggle.

Demand ever increasing in all areas, commercial and residential. Fossil fuels have many upsides but also downsides. Air quality in many parts of the world are terrible and continue to get worse.

Many countries trying to keep up with growth follow the path of least resistance, fossil fuel power plants. It makes sense on the surface but there are better ways, we call it District Energy Facilities, specific to location.

It’s basically combining available alternative forms of energy to make up the whole, many times using fossil fuels as part of or as backup power supplies.

Does it work? District Energy Facilities(DEF’S) are now fully working on most continents, major universities and many cities around the world have incorporated DEF’s.

DEF’s can be built at anytime, anywhere, even around other energy producing processes. Mother Earth provides for all circumstance, sometimes the best path is obscured only by complexity.