About Us


Our Approach to Energy

"Our philosophy" or vision is that no one company or person has all the answers.

We are a network of specialist. Engineers, designers, contractors, equipment suppliers, commissioners and yes visionary’s.

It’s not enough to have single input to an enormous issue. A team approach, a mastermind approach is the solution. There’s no selling, no one way, everything is looked at. Discovery with the end result in mind.

Our Passion

Providing future power needs, respectfully. To the earth and the residents there of.

How? Each location on this planet offers what we call low hanging fruit. Individually maybe not huge, but together make up a district energy facility consisting of WTE, Geothermal, Solar, Fuel Cell, Combined heat and power, entire cites are being powered today and into the future with District Energy Facilities. 24/7 power, is expandable, is clean power and is an unlimited power supply.

We are

A team of specialists, top in our fields focusing on energy matters. We live on the same planet you do, we care how it all ends up.

We understand energy, how to design it, engineer it, install it, service it. Many parts of the world are in need of a fresh approach to their energy needs. We can help.

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Rich Susens

Founder & CEO

A Geothermal background. Trained classes of students all aspects of Geothermal installations worldwide, engineers, contractors, drilling techniques, testing and startup.





Professional Engineering is our strong suit. Our engineers have passion when it comes to District Energy. Planning and design is where it begins.


Better World

End Result

Clean, unlimited energy will bring business, tourism, a healthy population. No one says it will be easy, but it is doable!

Next Steps...

This is where you make a choice. Contact us and we can discuss your vision.